Standing Concertation Committee

The main items discussed at the meeting of the Standing Concertation Committee on 27 February 2007 included:

Saved Leave Scheme (SLS):

It was announced that a Management/Staff Association working group had been set up to discuss the Saved Leave Scheme (SLS): Members : M. Büttner, E. Chiaveri (chair), Ph. Defert, D. Klem, M. Vitasse, J.-M. Saint-Viteux. It was noted that the Staff Association was launching a questionnaire on SLS and distributed to all members of the personnel.

Merit Recognition Guidelines:

In the context of the new Merit Appraisal and Recognition Scheme (MARS), the committee took note of the CERN-wide 2007 Merit Recognition Guidelines, including the Frequently Asked Questions on HR Department's dedicated website.

Information on CERN's medium and long-term plans (MTP-LTP)/Contract renewals/ External mobility

The Committee took note of the information provided on CERN's MTP-LTP and of documentation distributed at the meeting by the Staff Association. It was agreed to hold further informal discussions in order to reach a common understanding of the figures presented.

In response to concerns expressed by the Staff Association with respect to extensions and renewals of limited duration contracts, the Management clarified its position.

The committee expressed its support for the initiative of HR Department to establish contacts with private industry as a supplement to end-of-contract career transition measures for certain categories of staff. It invited HR Department to enlarge this initiative to all professional categories.

by HR Department