CERN, as seen by Google Earth

Nothing escapes the eagle eye of Google Earth! The famous website renowned for its roving eye that pierces the darkest corners of our planet and the Cosmos now offers a guided tour of CERN, including the LHC. Granted, the camera can’t actually take you underground, but you still get a good overall view of the Laboratory’s installations from 3D diagrams illustrating the site’s main buildings. Information on the LHC project can be obtained via video clips and photos floating above the various locations. Take a look, it’s well worth a visit !

The 3D model runs through ‘Google Earth’, which can be downloaded free of charge from

Find the LHC page at

(or follow the link on the Bulletin website). To view the model click "Download the LHC model" and select "Open" or "Open with Google Earth" when prompted to do so.