Trams and roadworks on the route de Meyrin

The project to bring trams to CERN’s doorstep will require a lot of roadworks on the route de Meyrin, so traffic diversions and restrictions are to be expected.

Traffic will be diverted away from the route de Meyrin as of the beginning of February 2008.

Work on the future Cornavin-Meyrin-CERN tram route (TCMC) is progressing nicely. The first section up to Avanchet was inaugurated on 8 December but users will not be able to ride the tram all the way to CERN, via Meyrin Village and Cité de Meyrin, until 2010. Until then, all road users will have to be patient. To make room for the tram and to alleviate traffic flow in the centre of Meyrin Village, a 755-m long underpass will be constructed. Traffic coming from the centre of Geneva will enter the underpass at the Ecole de Golette and emerge at the Carrosserie de la Tour, having passed 15 metres below Meyrin Village centre.

This "cut-and-cover" construction will entail traffic diversions via the route du Mandement and the route du Nant-d’Avril from around the beginning of February (see drawing). Another diversion will be set up through the Cité de Meyrin housing estates. A diversion is already in place for the Hôpital de la Tour.