The main items discussed at the meetings of the Standing Concertation Committee on 3 April 2008 included:

External mobility

The Committee took note of a progress report on external mobility after a run-in period of about six months. Based on the experience gained, it was agreed to broaden the scope of the programme and in particular to extend eligibility conditions to include:

  • All staff members whose limited duration contract will end in less than one year, as well as all those with indefinite contracts;
  • Fellows who have been employed by CERN for more than 18 months;
  • Doctoral students who have been in the CERN doctoral programme for more than 2.5 years;
  • Apprentices in the final year of their apprenticeship;
  • Ex-members of the personnel who are receiving CERN unemployment benefits.

An article in the Weekly Bulletin will follow and the relevant web pages will be updated.

LHC achievement awards

The Committee took note of the outcome of discussions between the Management and the Staff Association on the distribution of LHC achievement awards. Awards will be paid together with the October 2008 payroll.

Finance Committee

The CFO reported on discussions at the Finance Committee regarding points that are relevant to the Standing Concertation Committee. In particular, the discussion of a proposal by the Governing Board of the Pension Fund based on the latest actuarial review of an increase in contributions to the Pension Fund had been postponed until June to allow Member State delegates more time to study the proposal.

Simplifications in education fee claims

The positive response in departments to the recent simplifications in the reimbursement of education fees was noted.

Performance Improvement Plans/zero steps

It was agreed that further informal discussions between the Management and the Staff Association were needed in due course to clarify the award of zero steps and any connection with the launching of Performance Improvement Plans.

TREF agenda

It was noted that the TREF meeting in May 2008 would include:

  • Amendments to the Staff Rules & Regulations (Chapter III- Working hours )
  • Equal opportunities report
  • CERN personnel statistics

by HR Department