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Crystals against cancer

This is a remarkable example of direct technology transfer from particle physics to medicine. Clinical trials have begun in Portugal on a new medical imaging system for the diagnosis of breast cancer, which uses positron emission tomography (PET). The system, developed by a Portuguese consortium in collaboration with CERN and laboratories participating in the Crystal Clear collaboration, will detect even the smallest tumours and thus help avoid unnecessary biopsies. >>

Enabling excellence

I was pleased to see so many of you at the Human Resources Strategy Forum on Monday 23 February. CERN needs a new HR strategy, one that responds to the needs of the Organization and reflects the policy of the new management. >>

Thierry Lagrange: A transparent, service-oriented approach to finance

The motto for the new Finance and Purchasing Department Head, Thierry Lagrange, is "strengthening services for users". >>

Thomas Pettersson: Towards a more welcoming laboratory

The General Services (GS) Department is a brand new department whose mission is to consolidate the infrastructure of CERN as a global laboratory. With an expected increase of 50% in the number of users in the next five years (bringing it to about 15 000!), this is far from an easy task. >>

Enrico Chiaveri: The dialogue in the HR Strategy

Enrico Chiaveri has been Head of the Human Resources Department since 2005. A core part of his department’s mission with the new Management is to develop and implement a strategic HR approach for our forward-looking Organization. He explained key aspects of the HR strategy to the Bulletin. >>

A royal visit

On 19 February Albert II, King of the Belgians, visited CERN. He took a very active interest during his tour of the tunnel and the CMS cavern, in particular the pixel detector, which was made in Belgium. >>

Experience ATLAS on the surface

The new high-tech ATLAS Visitor Centre was officially inaugurated on 23 February. Located next to the ATLAS control centre at Point 1, it boasts some technology to rival its neighbour. >>

Vague but exciting…CERN celebrates 20 years of the Web

Twenty years ago work started on something that would change the world forever. It would change the way we work, the way we communicate and the way we make our voices heard. On 13 March CERN will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of the World Wide Web. >>

In honour of Charpak

More than 40 years ago, Georges Charpak invented the multi-wire proportional chamber, which revolutionized the detection of particles and found applications in medicine. >>

Literature in Focus : Playing with Planets

If you think the future is a mystery, think again. With a solid foothold in realism, an extraordinary insight into scientific and technological developments, and a dry sense of humor, Nobel laureate Professor Gerardus ’t Hoof confidently dissects fact from fiction and shows us what our future might really hold. >>

Johannes C. Sens 1928 – 2008

Johannes C. Sens working on the magnet of the first g-2 experiment in 1959. Johannes C. Sens, a physicist and engineer with a long association with CERN passed away from complications of surgery on 3 November 2008 in Nice, France. >>

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