More than a physics library

Particle physicists world wide and the CERN staff are well aware of the services offered by the CERN Library. However, the services and collections are not limited to scientific and technical information needs. Many tools that are useful for everyone at CERN such as electronic dictionaries, encyclopedia and writing-style guides are also available from the library web site:

Further, as the Laboratory considers it an important task to develop good communication and managerial skills for the staff, it is only natural that literature related to these subjects can be found in the reading room in-between the many books on experimental techniques and accelerator physics. Thanks to very favorable variations in the currency exchange rates during 2008, unforeseen funds became available and the Library, in collaboration with the HR Learning & Development Section, was able to make an additional effort to develop the collection of management literature. Some 70 new titles, both in French and English, have been purchased; the most popular titles are already circulating while others are waiting to be discovered.

Sudeshna Datta Cockerill, Learning & Development Section Leader, is delighted that the management section has now been expanded and brought up to date. "The courses are meant to spark people’s interest and awareness of trends in leadership development and practice - to ensure ongoing impact when a course is completed, it is essential that our staff have easy access to the literature."

Tullio Basaglia, Library section leader, emphasizes that the collection is still limited in size. "But do not give up if you do not find what you are looking for, the Library can obtain any book within a few days from collaborating libraries and we are also happy to receive further proposals to continue to buy management books that have a wider interest."

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