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Safety course : use of the Biocell

Do you need to know how to use the portable breathing apparatus ("Biocell") in order to work at CERN? You can follow this course until December 17…. >>

Standing Concertation Committee

Main points examined at the meeting of 24 June 2009 Results of the 2009 MARS exercise The Committee took note of the results of the 2009 MARS exercise presented by the Head of the HR Department, expressing satisfaction for the early availability of the statistics and for the fact that the analysis of the results covered the last three years. >>

Reminder - Extension/suppression of allowance for dependent children aged 20 to 25

Members of the personnel with dependent children aged 20 to 25 (or reaching 20 during the 2009/2010 school year), for whom a dependent child’s allowance is currently paid, are invited to provide the... >>

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