PENSIONS: which place for the “employee” college

CERN Council has decided to hear on 17 December, in a closed session and in the absence of the “employee” college, the two external experts who sit on the Pension Fund Governing Board (PFGB), to discuss the recent PFGB proposal which aims to restore the balance of the Fund, no less.

This situation poses a problem of principle for the “employee” college of the PFGB: one of the two stakeholders in the area of pensions, the “employer” college, is receiving experts - who have a duty to be impartial - in the absence of the other party, the “employee” college.

What more is CERN Council expecting to hear from the experts that they have not already said at the PFGB. Could it be that important points, other than those already approved, will be discussed in the absence of the “employee” college? We may be right to suspect this. Can we accept what would seem to be a devious ploy?

The Staff Council, who held an extraordinary meeting on 8 December, said no and has decided on the following action:
  • Wednesday 9 December: Open letter to President of Council, signed by all the members of the “employee” college of the PFGB.
  • Thursday 10 December: Information flash to the staff
  • Monday 14 December: Staff information meeting
  • Thursday 17 December: Mobilization of the members and beneficiaries of the Pension Fund
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by Association du peronnel