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YOU need your own help!

You’ll have seen all the good news on our own website: the naming of the new boats in the fleet (thanks Luca for organising the poll), the successful results of the regatta-that-nearly-wasn’t, etc. so we turn to a different topic today...

Cleaning the hull, pre-Regatta, photo Kirill.

The adjacent picture is intended to remind you that maintenance of the fleet is your personal responsibility! No, not everyone is supposed to take the Surprise out of the water to clean the hull (and Kirill and this team had a personal interest, going on to do very nicely in the external regatta for which they were preparing) but taking out two unrelated boats recently reminded me that - as a general observation - no-one cleans them! Let alone does more than record damage (and hope someone else will fix it...). Please remember one of the basic tenets of the Club: we all share everything: the boats, the fun, the learning, the maintenance and cleaning - all together.

The most recent regatta also underlined that we count on M key holders to help their Club by taking shifts, whether for a regatta or a couple of evenings of surveillance: please plan ahead, when you can next help your Club maintain its excellent reputation for participation.

Fair winds from your YCC Committee

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