Elections to the Senior Staff Advisory Committee (“The Nine”) 2010

The electronic voting process for the Senior Staff Advisory Committee (“The Nine”) was closed on Monday 7 June. Of the 443 Senior Staff members eligible to vote, 197 voted. This represents a participation of 44% compared to 57% in 2009, 53% in 2008, 63% in 2007, 64% in 2006 and 66% in 2005. The results are:

Electoral group 1

Candidate Dept Votes  
Michael Doser PH 130 Elected

Electoral group 2

Candidate Dept Votes  
Sylvain Weisz DG 91 Elected
Jean-Jacques Gras BE 66 Elected
Miguel Marquina IT 46  
Mauro Nonis EN 40  
Hans Muller PH 26  
Gerard Tranquille BE 24  
Emilio Meschi PH 16  

The elected persons are Michael Doser (PH) for Electoral Group 1, Sylvain Weisz (DG) and Jean-Jacques Gras (BE) for Electoral Group 2. Their mandate is from July 2010 to June 2013.

The Committee will now consist of these newly‐elected members together with Sudeshna Datta Cockerill (HR), Doris Forkel-Wirth (DG), Erk Jensen (BE), Jose Miguel Jimenez (TE), James Purvis (HR), and Pippa Wells (PH). Pippa Wells will also be the new spokesperson from 1 July 2010.

My sincere congratulations to all the new elected members. I would also like to thank all other candidates for standing for election, as well as Reinoud Martens, the Polling Officer.

Alberto Pace Spokesperson of the Nine

by PH Department