CERN Technical training: Available places in forthcoming courses

The following course sessions are scheduled in the framework of the 2010 CERN Technical Training Programme and places are still available. You can find the full updated Technical Training course programme in our web catalogue.


Software and System Technologies

JAVA - Level 2 05-JUL-10 08-JUL-10 English 4 days
JCOP - Finite State Machines in the JCOP Framework  22-JUN-10 24-JUN-10 English 3 days
Le Langage C (ANSI et C99) 24-JUN-10 02-JUL-10 English 4 days
Oracle - Programming with PL/SQL  28-JUN-10  30-JUN-10  English 3 days

Project Development using Python
29-JUN-10 02-JUL-10 English   4 days

Electronic Design

CAO = Allegro Design Entry HDL Front-to-Back Flow v16.3  28-JUN-10 30-JUN-10 French 3 jours
LabVIEW Communication with RADE applications 01-JUL-10 02-JUL-10 English 2 days
Managing Software Engineering in LabVIEW 08-JUL-10 09-JUL-10 English 2 days
LabVIEW Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning Course 05-JUL-10 07-JUL-10 French 3 jours
Siemens - STEP7 : level 1 22-JUN-10 25-JUN-10 French 4 jours

Mechanical Design

ANSYS Workbench 15-JUL-10 18-JUL-10 English 4 days
CATIA V5 – Surfacique 1 25-JUN-10 28-JUN-10 French 2 jours
Schneider: Automate Modicon Premium UNP7D 28-JUN-10 30-JUN-10 French 3 jours

Office Software

EXCEL 2007 (Short Course I) - HowTo... Work with formulae, Link cells, worksheets and workbooks 22-JUN-10 22-JUN-10 Bilingual 0.5 day
EXCEL 2007 (Short Course II) - HowTo... Format your worksheet for printing 28-JUN-10 28-JUN-10 Bilingual 0.5 day
EXCEL 2007 (Short Course III) - HowTo... Pivot tables 28-JUN-10 28-JUN-10 Bilingual 0.5 day
Get the most of Office 2007! 21-JUN-10 21-JUN-10 English 2 hours
Get the most of Office 2007! 23-JUN-10 23-JUN-10 French 2 heures
Individual Coaching 21-JUN-10 21-JUN-10 Bilingual 1 hour
OUTLOOK 2007 (Short Course II) - Calendar, Tasks and Notes 22-JUN-10 22-JUN-10 Bilingual 0.5 day

Special Courses

VGStudio MAX 22-JUN-10 24-JUN-10 English 3 days

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