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Printable colour version now available for download  
ISOLDE takes big science to nanoscale  
A little bit of legal history  
The Latest from the LHC: hitting the target luminosity for 2010!  
Towards a new approach to the labour law applicable to contractors’ personnel  
Come and share the passion  
Orienteering World Cup hosted by CERN Club  
Ready, steady, SORT!  
Making Restaurant No. 1 greener  
A CERN flag is set to wave up in the Himalayas   
Brand-new signage for the CERN shuttles  
The Pays de Gex celebrates science  
Awards and Honours  
Homage to Endel Lippmaa, distinguished scientist and politician  
Ombuds' Corner: Supervisor and supervisee  
Literature in Focus - “At the Leading Edge: the ATLAS and CMS LHC experiments”  
News from the library : Working with words? The Chicago Manual of Style is there to help  

Official News

Education fees: Indexation of the amounts for accommodation, meals and school transport for the 2010-2011 academic year  
REMINDER - Extension/suppression of allowance for dependent children aged 20 to 25  

Training and Development

CERN Technical training: Available places in forthcoming courses  

Staff Association

Staff Association declaration at TREF meeting on 5th October 2010  



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