Behind the scenes at LHCb

A new book chronicling the journey of LHCb has just been published: “LHCb: the collaboration in photos”. It takes readers through the creation of the detector, from the project's inception to the construction of the site and final operation.


Cover of the new book, "LHCb: the collaboration in photos".

“LHCb: the collaboration in photos” presents a stunning collection of images and information about the experiment and its staff. Part photo journal of the experiment’s creation, part introduction to the physics and engineering of the detector, it provides a complete overview of the LHCb project.

The many faces of the LHCb collaboration are reflected in the 77 glossy pages of the new book: from technical staff to computer scientists, physicists to secretaries, and Nobel Prize winners to post-docs. For all of its members, the book represents a well-earned celebration of their 15 years of effort. “We are very pleased to have this new communication tool,” says Andrei Golutvin, LHCb spokesperson. “I am sure it will be put to good use - be it to showcase the experiment to visiting dignitaries or as a souvenir for members of the collaboration, and, indeed, the many visitors to Point 8 and other collaboration sites.”

“LHCb: the collaboration in photos” offers something for every reader. For visiting VIPs, the book also provides information about knowledge and technology transfer programmes developed at the experiment. For students considering a career in physics, an entire chapter is devoted to information about working at CERN and invites them to take part in the LHCb through open days, Summer Student programmes, and even PhD placements.

The book features several of the iconic images of LHCb, while also revealing some never-before-seen photos of the detector and its staff. “Images came from a wide variety of sources, with members of the collaboration sharing their own collections for the book,” says Emma Sanders, the book's co-author. According to Golutvin: “This beautiful collection of images will also no doubt inspire use of LHCb photos in other contexts, such as magazine articles or exhibitions.”

“LHCb: the collaboration in photos” is currently on sale at the Library shop, the Reception shop, and through the LHCb secretariat. The book will also be on sale in front of Restaurant n°1 on Friday, 10 December and Friday, 17 December. At only 10 CHF, this glossy book of photos and physics will make a stunning Christmas present.


by Katarina Anthony