That’s a matter for ALICE!

ALICE has launched a new online newsletter to report on developments at the detector: ALICE Matters. The fortnightly newsletter will keep members of the collaboration – and a wider readership – up-to-date with the latest news from the detector.

Screenshot of the ALICE Matters website.

The new ALICE Matters newsletter highlights the work of ALICE collaborators through news, interviews and feature articles. Published online every fortnight, it will report the latest developments from the experiment, providing information about operation and data taking, installation work during technical stops, and news from ALICE members.

The newsletter is aimed at members of the collaboration, but as an online publication it is also open to the general public. “We often receive questions from people who follow our progress and are interested in what's happening at ALICE,” explains Despina Hatzifotiadou, ALICE Outreach Coordinator. “With ALICE Matters, we can now address these queries in a public environment.”

Although the first edition of ALICE Matters was published on 3 November 2010, the concept has been under development for some time. “We had been considering the idea of a newsletter for a few months,” says Hatzifotiadou. “But we waited to find a science journalist to manage the project. We were able to recruit Ian Randall, fresh from City University London's MA Science Journalism programme, as the editor of ALICE Matters. Once he was on board, we were amazed how quickly things progressed!” The first newsletter's publication came at a historic moment for the ALICE experiment, reporting the lead-up to the first ion run.

ALICE Matters is a collaborative publication that invites ALICE members to contribute by writing articles, sharing personal stories and providing information for future articles. The newsletter also encourages its general readers to participate in the discussion, allowing them to post comments and feedback directly on the ALICE Matters website.

Find out what’s new at ALICE and share your opinion at the ALICE Matters website!

by Katarina Anthony