Blocking of CERN Accounts after 28 February 28 2011

Since last year, all persons owning a CERN computer account must follow the obligatory CERN Computer Security Course. This course takes usually less than 15 minutes and is available online from inside and outside CERN at

Failure to pass this course by February 28th 2011 will lead to blocking the corresponding account. If you haven't taken it yet, do it NOW!

Accounts of users who have not followed this course yet will be blocked during the first weeks of March. As a consequence, these users will not able anymore to log into any CERN computing resource with their primary account. Affected users should contact the CERN Service Desk at 77777 (+41 22 76 77777 from outside CERN) or in order to get their account unblocked. They will be given a grace-period of five days to follow the course or the account will be blocked again.

Please see also the announcement in a previous issue of the Bulletin.

Thank you for your collaboration,
CERN Computer Security

by IT Department