CERN in the blogosphere

CERN communicates with the outside world in many different ways – websites, publications, through the media and via twitter to name but a few. As of January, CERN has a new way of engaging with the world: a CERN institutional blog.


CERN’s blog was launched on 10 January on the Quantum Diaries platform, adding a new strand to a well-established site. Quantum Diaries was launched in 2005 as an initiative for the World Year of Physics promoted by the InterAction collaboration, a group that brings together the communication offices of some of the world’s major particle physics labs and organisations. The launch of institutional blogs from Brookhaven, CERN, Fermilab and TRIUMF has added an extra dimension to Quantum Diaries. Visits to the site jumped to 3000 per day with the addition of the institutional blogs, and that number is already growing.

CERN’s first post explains one of the reasons we’re doing this. With the incredible thirst for information about the Lab and particle physics, our existing social media channel, twitter, is a bit limited with its 140-character cut-off. A blog allows us to go into greater depth, and to engage more meaningfully with those who avidly follow our every move.

Quantum Diaries also gives a platform to the CERN Management, and was used by the Director-General during his recent participation in the World Economic Forum’s annual Davos meeting. Not invited to Davos yourself? Then following Quantum Diaries might just be the next best thing.

by CERN Bulletin