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"Winter" sailing, anyone?

A word this week about our two Surprises which you Newcomers out there might like to know is regarded as the hardest YCC test to pass (apocryphal stories of tests with Rob lasting three days are hereby denied, although the time he failed candidates because they failed to rescue a Man OverBoard - himself, leaping in - are more substantiated). Our Journalist is still investigating ... but we digress...

You would be excused for thinking the photo (thanks Sanja, who was also on board) is a midsummer t-shirt cruise but no, it was early April this season and intrepid Mic Mac was out cruising to a win (well, that was their intention) in one of the Hivernales which have actually become a regular activity of the Club: not that many takers, it is true, but certainly enough to ensure she is out regularly flying the flag. And best of all, places are available on board: just make yourself known.

But our intention is more a gentle reproach to the membership at large: look at the condition of the varnish on the roof-rails in the photo and tell yourself (and the Committee!) that you are only too willing to come and help revarnish them when she comes out of the water shortly. Thanks to your marvellous Committee's incredible organisation, she will come out more or less as Mamma Mia is relaunched - and thereby hangs another tale.... Mamma Mia's condition, a recent CommMtg was told, was lamentable: despite being one of our newest boats, the rudder was badly damaged on the leading edge (now how did someone manage that, with the keel in the way?), and the keel itself bore distinct marks of having encountered the concrete blocks cunningly placed - three of them - just where our moorings exit into the main harbour. The hull had even been cracked, probably as a result of jarring: surely someone noticed? Remember the water is much lower during the winter, and the concrete blocks (fairly visible, if you look!) got there first...

Thanks to a lot of hard work by volunteers (too few, alas!), Mamma Mia is again in very good shape and nearly ready for relaunching. Let's all take more care next season!

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