Information concerning the results of the concerted work stoppage on 22 June 2011 (from 8-30 to 12-30)

 Following the concerted work stoppage called by the Staff Association for 22 June 2011 concerning the measures aimed at restoring the financial equilibrium of the Pension Fund, HR Department invited staff members and fellows to declare whether or not they had participated in this action.

As indicated in the communication sent to the persons concerned, it was assumed that those who did not complete the electronic declaration form did not take part in the work stoppage.

The results are as follows:


  Staff and fellows
Declarations: Yes (took part in the concerted work stoppage) 373
Declarations: No (did not take part in the concerted work stoppage) 386
Those requisitioned 120
Those not able to participate in the concerted work stoppage
(leave, absence, training…)
No reply (counted as no) 1474


In accordance with Article 10 of the Note DG/270-81 dated 3 September 1981, for those who participated in the concerted work stoppage, a deduction will be made from their basic salary or stipend and will be notified to them in their July 2011 pay slips.

At the request of the Staff Association, the Director-General has decided that the funds generated by these deductions will be allocated to the Pension Fund.

by Human Resources Department