2011 Elections to Staff Council

Elections Timetable

Starting with Echo of 26 September, posters, etc.
call for applications

Wednesday 26 October, at noon
closing date for receipt of the application

Monday 31 October, at noon
start date for voting

Monday 14 November, at noon
closing date for voting

Monday 21 November,
publication of the results in Echo

Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 29 November
Staff Association Assizes

Tuesday 6 December, at 10.00 a.m.
first meeting of the new Staff Council and election of the new Executive Committee

The voting procedure will be monitored by the Election Committee, which is also in charge of announcing the results in Echo on 21 November.

In its meeting on 19 September 2011, the Electoral Commission decided on the following distribution of seats in colleges 0.1 to 0.6:

Sector Department Career path
AA – A – B – C – D
Career path
E – F – G – H
Accelerators and Technology BE
Electoral college 0.1
18 sièges / seats
Electoral college 0.2
11 seats
Administration and Infrastructure DG/DGS
Electoral college 0.3
8 sièges / seats
Electoral college 0.4
5 seats
Research and Computing IT
Electoral college 0.5
6 sièges / seats
Electoral college 0.6
12 seats

To access the application form to stand as a candidate to the Staff Council:

by Association du personnel