CERN School of Computing 2012 - Registration is open!

The registration to the CERN School of Computing is now open.
CSC2012 will take place in Uppsala from the 13th to the 24th of August.
The programme is comprised of three main themes: Data Technologies, Base Technologies and Physics Computing and will address a number or timely questions including:

  • Do you know how to bridge Grids and Clouds using virtualization technology?
  • Is it possible to simplify LHC physics analysis using virtual machine?
  • How can reliable storage services be built from unreliable hardware?
  • Why are tapes still used in high energy physics data storage?
  • How can I write code for tomorrow’s hardware, today?
  • Do you want to see your software with attacker's eyes?
  • Can you hack your own code?
  • Do you know what do 'code injection' and 'integer overflow' have in common?
  • What's so special about High Energy Physic's data format?
  • What are the key statistical methods used in physics data analysis?

The CSC is a true Summer University. The focus is on delivering knowledge rather than know-how, which can better be provided in the form of training at home institutes.
A final examination is proposed to students. Successful participants will receive the highly recognized CSC Diploma as well as formal Certificate of Credits awarded by Uppsala University.
Networking and socialization is the other goal of CSCs. One vehicle for social networking is the CSC Sport Programme which proposes two to three hours of sport every afternoon to those who are interested.

François Fluckiger, CSC Director

by IT Department