Have you set a date for your test yet?

Most sailing courses have already ended (keelboats) or will shortly (dinghies), so it is time to ensure you have a date for your test and an examiner set up. Every year, the teachers find that towards September, candidates suddenly discover that they are leaving it too late, that those well-intentioned extra Thursday outings never seem to have happened, even that examiners have other things to do too, or are less enthusiastic about going out in the autumn. By all means, get in some more practice, but also remember that once you have passed your “key”, you may have access for the rest of the season as a skipper just like all the other Club members. Do it now!

Adjacent is a photo (thank you, Loic Le Canderff) of what is proving to be a most popular choice ofboat, the Laser 1.

We probably all know already that these two boats are the only ones which can be sailed solo among the Club fleet: maybe that is some of the attraction, since a member has been heard to comment that at least this solo way, you know who to blame if you don’t win/do capsize/make a mess of gybing, etc. Your ever-industrious Committee has even received a well-argued case that we need a third Laser 1 – which is going to complicate the current constellation naming system somewhat.

Results of the Semaine du Soir at Port Choiseul seem not to be too accessible (CNV website), to several members. But it is nice to report that it was a successful week, even if we did not win all the time. Mixed results indeed, varying from DNS (Did Not Start) to DNF (guess!), from last place because of handicap, to first the following evening – and with the same skipper. You’ll have received the invitation to the next internal regatta, Monthly III, Sunday 8 July, so remember the Club’s happy tradition that we can usually get everyone on a boat, even if you do not yet have your key – see you there!

by Yachting Club