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Summer French courses for BEGINNERS (9 July to 23 August)

We are now offering a French course for beginners. If you are interested in following this course, please enrol through this link or contact Kerstin Fuhrmeister - Tel.: 70896. >>

Safety Training: places available in July / August 2012

There are places available in the forthcoming Safety courses. For updates and to register, please refer to the Safety Training Catalogue. >>

Summer Oral Expression English course

An English Oral Expression course will take place this summer from 20 August to 29 September. >>

News Articles

Higgs at 3.5 seconds into the melody  
Matter-antimatter puzzle: LHCb improves resolution  
CERN Press Release: CERN experiments observe particle consistent with long-sought Higgs boson  
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... It’s a blooming miracle - a special LHC Report  
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Official News

Visas for Switzerland and France - Time needed to process applications  
Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund (General Meeting)  


Limiting our impact on the environment  
Radioprotection: the 5th HSE objective of 2012  
Locks & keys service moves to building 55  
Blood donation  


Return from space: from the International Space Station to CERN  

Staff Association

Does our Pension Fund take too many risks?  



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