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An unsatisfactory contract policy

For the last 15 years contract policy has been one of the top priorities of CERN staff, as expressed in successive surveys initiated by the Staff Association. >>


Projection from DVD – entrance 2 CHF for info >>


The CERN Cricket Club is now midway through the season and has had mixed fortunes, winning seven and losing five matches, with one drawn last weekend against the Fleet Street Strollers. >>


Offers 15% discount for the Staff Association members who enroll their children in summer FUTUREKIDS activities. >>



INTERFON ECHOS de notre Assemblée générale L’A.G. annuelle de la Coopérative s’est tenue le 26 juin dernier au cours de laquelle le président fit... >>

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Official News

Calendar for the forthcoming indefinite contract review procedure  
Visas for Switzerland and France - Time needed to process applications  
Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund (General Meeting)  

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Safety Training: places available in July / August 2012  
Summer French courses for BEGINNERS (9 July to 23 August)  
Summer Oral Expression English course  


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