Temperatures plummet at ISOLDE

For several weeks, members of the EN-CV Group assigned to the HIE-ISOLDE project have been working on the installation of a cooling and ventilation system for the new ISOLDE buildings. This work is on track to be completed by the end of the year.



Thanks to the EN-HE Group, the installation of the eight cooling
modules on the roof of ISOLDE went perfectly.

The landmark phase of these operations, namely the installation of two cooling towers each comprising four modules on the roof of Building 198, was completed without a hitch. These 2 MW towers produce water cooled to 27°C, which is then used to cool the cryogenic equipment (compressors and cold boxes) and the exchangers for ISOLDE’s magnets. The water, which circulates in a closed circuit loop, comes out of the exchangers at 37°C and is then sent back to the cooling towers.

At the same time, two refrigeration units were also installed on the roof of Building 199. Designed to cool water to 14°C for use in the new buildings’ ventilation facilities, they will also enable the cooling of more sensitive equipment, such as amplifiers and radiofrequency cavities. For the time being, the teams are working on connecting the pipework and installing the new ventilation equipment.

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by Anaïs Schaeffer