If you are looking for a new sport to take up, why not come along to the Swiss International Gateball Event being organised on the CERN Croquet Lawns over the period 6–8 September.

It is a unique occasion, the very first gateball competition here in Europe.

Gateball is an Oriental version of the game of Croquet, so if you have tried Croquet and find it a little 'too British', or have never tried any type of mallet sport, come along and try. There are several million players in Asia, particularly Japan and Chine where it is taught in schools.

It is played on a lawn, or “boules” type surface 15 * 20 meters in size, just three hoops, much wider than those of croquet, balls and mallets are smaller, there is a 30 minute time limit AND it's a TEAM game of five players, in which each team plays with 5 balls. All equipment will be provided.

A TEAM game for both sexes and all generations, from the youngest to the oldest, a group of friends, a group of work colleagues, a family, or a few individuals thrown together... it's 'Team Building'.

Although you do NOT have to be a team to come along.

This link will give you a fair idea of the game, the strokes and the strategy: 'Let's Play Gateball'

The Event is open to ALL, and will start with professional instruction from the General Manager of the World Gateball Union, along with his Japanese Gateball team.

Followed by competition play in which the new comers will play together with visiting teams from, in addition to the Japanese, China, Indonesia, and India for the moment, but there should be others.

There is NO inscription fee... just your willingness to 'have a go'.

My goal is to have a Swiss or European team (residency is the criteria) participating in the Gateball World Championships in Japan in 2014... so START NOW.

For more information and details please contact me, Dave  Underhill, If this interests you but you are unable to attend the event please get in touch with me.

by Dave Underhill, Gateball