2500 km on solar-electric bike: let’s congratulate them by giving a donation to the Long-Term Collections

On 15th July, the adventure on “solar-electric bike” to promote solar and eco-mobility of our colleagues, Céline and Jean had to be interrupted in Odessa, Ukraine, for health reasons. In about four weeks, they already had crossed eight countries: Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Moldavia and Ukraine.

On their request, you can show your solidarity by subscribing to a humanitarian action in which you commit yourself to give a minimum of 30 CHF and a maximum of 80 CHF (10 CHF for each crossed country) to the Long-Term Collections (for further information on the Long-Term Collections, see their website: http://cern.ch/staffassoc/CLT/).

Participate to this action by registering yourself on the following website: https://cern.ch/staff-association/content/soutien-celine-jean. You will then receive a payment slip that will allow you to pay the amount of your choice into the account of the Long-Term Collections.

We congratulate our colleagues and champions, Céline and Jean, for their wonderful achievement and wish them a prompt recovery!

by Staff Association