Questionnaire 5YR 2013 - Thank you

One thousand four hundred and sixty-three of you, i.e., some 58 % of staff members (or clearly more if we take account of staff absent during the month of October), responded to our questionnaire on the upcoming Five-yearly review. This is a great success, because the response rate is significantly higher than in 2003 or 2008, when only about 50 % replied. After having checked the representativeness of the replies with regard to certain key variables, the detailed analysis of the results has now started.

At public meetings scheduled for the second week of February 2014, we plan to share with you the information that your delegates have distilled from the answers to the questionnaire. On that occasion you will be able to give your feedback. Your active participation in these meetings will allow us to consolidate the demands we will propose in the consultation process with Management for inclusion in the list of topics to be addressed by the Director-General. Indeed, the Director-General must provide a menu of topics that he suggests reviewing during the 2015 Five-yearly review. The CERN Council of 19 June 2014 will have to discuss the list and has to accept it formally.

Write down the week of 10 to 14 February 2014 in your diaries. Come and join us for one of our public meetings in February!

by Staff Association