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25 years of service at CERN

The 33 staff members having achieved 25 years of service at CERN in 2013 were invited by the Director-General to a reception in their honour on 5 November 2013. >>

Local address and emergency contact details

The HR Department would like to remind members of the personnel that they are responsible for ensuring that their personal data concerning local address and preferred emergency contact details remains valid and up-to-date. >>

News Articles

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Science in the service of energy  
LS1 Report: According to schedule  
Thorium: in search of a global solution  
Did you say “glacial”?  
60 years: sleek and stylish  
Don’t let Chrome expose your passwords  
Raymond Cambarrat (1951 - 2013)  

Training and Development

Lync: click to call and collaborate with others  
Safety Training: places available in November - December 2013  


Safety Bulletin 2013-2  
Move! Eat better: try the FIT formula  
Watch out for the leaves!  


Exhibition | Palais des Nations | "Memoria e Futuro" - Smart, sustainable and inclusive management of cultural heritage  
Université de Genève | Séminaire de physique corpusculaire | 13 November  
Université de Genève | Séminaire de physique corpusculaire | 20 November  
HEPTech Academia – Industry Matching Event on Control Systems for Accelerators and Detectors  
John Adams Lecture | 120 Years of Accelerators that Heal | 3 December  

Staff Association

Questionnaire 5YR 2013 - Thank you  
Elections to Staff Council  
Nos réunions publiques d’octobre 2013 (deuxième partie)  
Orienteering Club  
Ski Club  
Cern Women's Club  
Learning classical music club  
Dancing club  



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