New Session of introductory “E-Groups Training”

The session provides a short introduction of E-Groups and how to use it to efficiently manage mailing lists at CERN. Alongside a general overview of the E-Groups application, E-Groups specific terminology, the management of dynamic and static groups and the specific settings for mails and archives are discussed in detail.


The course is intended to give newcomers a clear idea of what E-Groups are and how they can be used at CERN. It should enable users to be more efficient when being confronted in particular with:

  • the creation of dynamic and static E-groups and the decision whether the one or the other type is more appropriate,
  • the management of E-group memberships,
  • and the setting of mailing/archiving related properties.

The session will also focus on some best practices and give general advice on how to use E-Groups.

This introductory training session is given jointly by members of the IT-OIS and GS-AIS groups and is intended for any member at CERN potentially being confronted with the need to use or manage mailing list groups and being a beginner to E-Groups.

The next session date is Monday 27 January 2014 at 14:00 (session will be in English with the possibility to ask questions in French).