For safety in procurement, follow the guide!

At one time or another, whether as part of a project or for an activity or service, you may find that you have to write a technical specification before placing an order for equipment or machinery. In all cases, when specifying what you need, you must make sure that aspects linked to safety and, in some cases, radiation protection and the protection of the environment, are taken into account in your invitation to tender/price enquiry.


In order to help you with this, the HSE Unit has just published Safety Guideline GS 0-0-1: “27 Key Questions to Ensure that Safety Aspects are Integrated into Invitations to Tender".

This guide, available on EDMS under document number 1334815, has been drawn up after the verification of safety aspects of over 300 invitations to tender recently issued by CERN. It collates the most commonly received comments and remarks concerning safety in a question-and-answer format, so you will find plenty of explanations and points to include in your documents.

This will also facilitate and speed up the HSE Unit’s verification of these points. We would like to remind you that every technical specification linked to an invitation to tender or price enquiry must still be sent to the HSE Unit, and we undertake to respond within seven working days. 

You can find the guide on EDMS:

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