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Where students turn into teachers: the seventh Inverted CERN School of Computing

For the seventh time since 2005, the CERN School of Computing (see here) has scheduled its inverted school for February. iCSCs are part of the CSC series of events, together with the main summer school to be held this year in Portugal and the thematic school (see here) in Split next June. >>

For safety in procurement, follow the guide!

At one time or another, whether as part of a project or for an activity or service, you may find that you have to write a technical specification before placing an order for equipment or machinery. In all cases, when specifying what you need, you must make sure that aspects linked to safety and, in some cases, radiation protection and the protection of the environment, are taken into account in your invitation to tender/price enquiry. >>

Safety Bulletin 2014-1

The HSE Unit would like to inform you that Safety Bulletin 2014-1 entitled “Call for help!” has just been released. >>

Don't miss the Announcements and Events sections of the Bulletin!

There you'll find information on the 2014 European School of High-Energy Physics, the seventh Inverted CERN School of Computing, the Safety Guideline GS 0-0-1, the Safety Bulletin 2014-1, the final public lecture by Jan Peters. >>

News Articles

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Official News

CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) Monthly Contributions – Changes for 2014  
To all members of the personnel: Summer work for children of members of the personnel  
Subsidised energy prices in France: TPN – Tarif de Première Nécessité (“basic needs” electricity price) and TSS – Tarif Spécial de Solidarité (special solidarity price for natural gas)  

Training and Development

English and French courses  
Language tandem  
Safety Training: places available in February 2014  


Meet playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak | 24 February  
Université de Genève | Séminaire de physique corpusculaire | 26 February  
Collide@CERN: On 27 February, don't miss the final public lecture by Jan Peters, CERN's artist in residence  

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