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Life is good at 13 TeV

The second run of the LHC will start in 2015, when the beams of protons will reach 6.5 TeV of energy and the collisions will happen at 13 TeV. What will physicists look for after the discovery of the Higgs boson? >>

Innovating in knowledge transfer

When you ask people whether investment in basic science is worth it, the answer you get is an overwhelming ‘yes’… followed by a pause, and then a question: ‘what’s the immediate benefit?’ Of course we have answers. >>

LS1 Report: As one door closes, another opens

Across the PS complex - from Linac 2 to TT2 to the accelerator itself - teams have seen the closing of their retro-1980s entryways, and the opening of state-of-the-art access points in compliance with the highest nuclear safety standards. >>

Making a good impression

CERN’s Polymers Laboratory (part of the TE-MSC-MDT Section) was created in the 1960s and is still working on many complex technical challenges today. Thanks to a new 3D prototyping printer, the Laboratory can now produce functional parts for use directly in our accelerators. >>

The CERN “Concurso” spreads particle physics all over Spain

Launched in December last year by CERN in collaboration with the Prince of Asturias Foundation, the competition involved hundreds of young and very young students in Spain. The six winners will visit CERN in April. >>

Plat du jour – Short Films!

Next week, take a break from the cafeteria and have a ciné-lunch at the Globe! >>

Memoirs of a CERN pioneer

François de Rose, the last surviving founding father of CERN, publishes his memoirs during the year of CERN’s 60th anniversary. >>

Behind the scenes of GS: a professional fire and rescue service like no other

Meet the professionals at the top of their game working hard for the well-being of the CERN community. Meet the CERN Fire Brigade. >>

Computer Security: When a person leaves - access rights remain!

We have been contacted recently by an embarrassed project manager who just figured out that a student who left at the end of 2013 still had access rights to read the whole project folder in February 2014: “How can that be?! In any other company, access rights would be purged at the same time as an employment contract terminates." Not so at CERN. >>

Ombuds' Corner: How much does a smile cost?

Smiling comes easily when we are among friends. Similarly, one could expect that it should not be so hard to smile – or in some way, acknowledge – our colleagues in the workplace. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes very different and interactions – or the lack of them – between colleagues can sometimes be perceived as impolite or even rude behaviour. >>

Patrick Durand (1953 – 2014)

Patrick arrived at CERN in January 1994 on a temporary contract in the Finance Department (previously FI), where he worked on the packaging of items for the Meyrin self-service stores (located at the time in Building 113) so that goods could be identified using barcodes, just like in a supermarket. >>

Your science in 3 minutes!

... >>

Official News

Taxation in France: Public meeting on Wednesday 19 March 2014  
Taxation in Switzerland  
Administrative Circular No. 13 (Rev. 3) - Guarantees for representatives of the personnel  
Administrative Circular No. 26 (Rev.10) - Recognition of merit  

Training and Development

AXEL–2014: Introduction to Particle Accelerators  
New course: "Introduction to knowledge transfer tools"  
Safety Training: places available in March 2014  
Language tandem  


2014 Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High-Energy Physics  
Radiography at CERN  
CERN psychologist: new consulting days  


Paul Baillon presents the book "Differential manifolds: a basic approach for experimental physicists" | 25 March  
Performance: a project on femicide | 26 March 7 p.m. | Palais des Nations  
Conference | Science and global governance: CERN’s Advocacy for Science in the International Community | 26 March 18:15  
Your science in 3 minutes!  
Université de Genève | Physics Colloquium | 31 March  
Université de Genève | Séminaire de physique corpusculaire | 19 March  

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Results of the staff survey: your priorities  
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