Voice over IP phone calls from your smartphone

All CERN users do have a Lync account (see here) and can use Instant Messaging, presence and other features. In addition, if your number is activated on Lync IP Phone(1) system then you can make standard phone calls from your computer (Windows/Mac).


Recently, we upgraded the infrastructure to Lync 2013. One of the major features is the possibility to make Voice over IP phone calls from a smartphone using your CERN standard phone number (not mobile!). Install Lync 2013 on iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows Phone, connect to WiFi network and make phone calls as if you were in your office. There will be no roaming charges because you will be using WiFi to connect to CERN phone system(2).

Register here to the presentation on Tuesday 29 April at 11 a.m. in the Technical Training Center and see the most exciting features of Lync 2013.  

Looking forward to seeing you!

The Lync team

(1) How to register on Lync IP Phone system: http://information-technology.web.cern.ch/book/lync-ip-phone-service/how-register

(2) People activated on Lync IP Phone system can make Voice over IP phone calls from Lync application.