The new Globe car park: for visitors and the CERN community

With twice as many parking spaces as the existing car park by the flagpoles and the same conditions of use (see here), the new Globe car park will be open for use from Monday 5 May.


The new Globe car park: the blue spaces are reserved for P+R pass holders.

The new car park, which will be inaugurated on Monday 28 April by CERN’s Director-General in the presence of officials representing the Canton of Geneva and the sub-prefecture of the Ain, will better cater to the needs of CERN’s many visitors. The large number of spaces (around 100) reserved for P+R users will encourage the use of public transport, which will be particularly important at peak times.

From autumn 2014, the Globe car park will completely replace the flagpole car park, where the new Esplanade des Particules will be built.