Reminder of the conditions of use for CERN’s picnic areas

With summer on the way, we would like to remind you of some basic rules for the use of CERN’s picnic areas.

Two picnic areas are available for the organisation of CERN events:

• the Meyrin barbecue area in the clubs area (9405-R-000);
• the Prévessin barbecue area located near to Building 972 (9401-R-000).

These areas can be reserved through Indico:


For all events taking place at weekends or on public holidays, a list of participants must be sent to the Fire Brigade ( and the Access Control Service ( for safety reasons. A request form has been created for this purpose (available here).

The same services must be informed of events organised on weekdays, but a list of participants is not required in this case.

For more information, click here.