Pint of Science | 20-21 May | Geneva

Pint of Science, established in 2012 in the UK, is an event that aims to make science accessible and fun by bringing current scientific research to the welcoming atmosphere of a pub.


Pint of Science is run by groups of enthusiastic postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers in various countries around the world. This year Switzerland joins the global event (run in parallel in France, UK, Ireland, USA and Australia), and events will be held in Geneva on 20 -21 May from 20:00 in Le Scandale and Lady Godiva.

Join us for a drink to hear about:

  • Data Parallelism and Big Data (EN)
  • Big Data and Disaster Relief (EN)
  • Medical software, graphics and imaging (EN)
  • Memory mapping and the perception of reality (EN)
  • Interactive Lab Experiments (FR)
  • Cosmology (FR)
  • Particle Physics (EN)

Talks at Le Scandale will be mostly in French; talks at Lady Godiva will be in English.

For more info: