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Awakening the potential of plasma acceleration  
Safety on our roads  
LS1 Report: A highly choreographed ballet in the SPS  
An iron hand in a velvet glove  
Ready to don a white coat?  
First beam in Linac4 DTL  
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Behind the scenes of GS: security affects us all  
Computer Security: Thirty years since "1984" - How close was Orwell to today’s interconnected world?  

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Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund  

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THE Port: Hackathon at CERN | Apply now!  


Concert | United Nations Orchestra at CERN | 19 September  
CineGlobe Film Festival presents Particle Fever in celebration of CERN's 60th anniversary | 20 September  
Public Lecture | Philipe Lebrun | "Particle accelerators" | 2 September  
Internal conference in the framework of CERN’s 60th anniversary | 8 September  
Exhibition | CERN Micro Club | 1-30 September  
"Science and Peace" symposium to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first Council session | 19 September  
Concert | The CERN Choir hits the high notes | Victoria Hall | 30 September