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Respecting the right to strike

Since two years the representatives of the employers in the ILO, a tripartite multilateral body responsible for guaranteeing the correct application of an international labour code, try to weaken the global work regulations. >>

Looking back

In Echo No 215 we announced that we are archiving old publications of the Staff Association, in particular the issues of the Staff Association Journal. To relive with you some interesting moments of the 60-year history of the Association, that we celebrate in 2015, we plan and reproduce a few articles of this magazine in Echo. We start with an article, which shows how the executives of the Association, which was just born a few months earlier, saw its role in these early days. >>

Dancing club

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The Seventh Continent >>

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Learning Classical Music Club

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Le GAC organise chaque mois des permanences avec entretiens individuels. >>


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News Articles

A day in the CERN Control Centre  
Proposed cuts to Horizon 2020 are short-sighted  
LHC Report: Rehearsing the LHC accelerator systems for the Run 2 start-up with beam  
Sick of queuing? The Registration Service has the answer  
Women at CERN: Once upon a time…  
A new director for Arts@CERN  
CMS outreach event to close LS1  
Computer Security: an update on your privacy – or lack of it  
Ombud's corner: space invaders  
Anselm Citron (1923 - 2014)  
Klaus Winter (1930 - 2015)  

Official News

107th ACCU Meeting   
Taxation in Switzerland  

Training and Development

Safety Training: places available in March and April 2015  


The Bulletin turns 50!  
Change of Mobile Telephony Operator  
Route Scherrer and Route Einstein closed for construction work  


Université de Genève | Physics Colloquium | 2 March  
Conférence | À quelle distance sommes-nous des Lumières ? | Etienne Klein et François-Xavier Verger | 4 mars  
Academic Training Lecture | Big Data Challenges in the Era of Data Deluge | 9 - 10 March  
Lecture | CERN prepares its long-term future: a 100-km circular collider to follow the LHC? | CERN Globe | 11 March  



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