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108TH ACCU Meeting

Agenda for the meeting to be held on Tuesday, 9 June 2015 at 9.15 a.m. in room Georges Charpak (Room F, 60-6-015): >>

Next Indefinite Contract review exercise

Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to inform you that the 2015 LD2IC exercise (selection process for the conversion of limited-duration contracts into indefinite contracts) has been officially launched. >>

News Articles

High-energy communication  
Stable beams  
LHC Report: First stable beams at 6.5 TeV  
FameLab International Final: a triumph for Switzerland and CERN  
CERN openlab Open Day  
EuroCirCol: A key to New Physics  
Opening science to the world; opening the world to science  
Plastic fish  
Computer Security: The dilemma of fractal defence  
Ombud’s Corner: Bystanders, you can have a role too  
Matthieu Cattin (1982 - 2015) - Hervé Milcent (1965 - 2015)  

Training and Development

“Communication: Science or Art?” – What’s new?  
Safety Training: places available in May and June 2015  
Places available - Technical management courses (up to the end of 2015)  


Change of mobile telephony operator and mobile telephone numbers - 24 June 2015  
Traffic modifications on Routes Rutherford, Democrite and Fermi  
A powerful search for EDMS 6  
CERN Accelerator School: Intensity Limitations in Particle Beams | 2-11 November  
New book in the Bookshop: "Recipes for Peace, Rights and Well-Being"  
Physics and medicine: ICTR-PHE 2016 opens abstract submission  
A new look for the CERN car sharing service  


CERN openlab Open Day | 10 June  

Staff Association

CERN, flagship of European scientific collaboration  
60th Anniversary  
Micro club  
Cine club  
Petanque Club  



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