Change of mobile telephony operator and mobile telephone numbers - 24 June 2015

Following a call for tenders issued in 2014, Swisscom will replace Sunrise as CERN’s mobile telephony operator from 24 June 2015. As of this date, CERN mobile telephone numbers will change from the +41 (0)76 487 xxxx format to the +41 (0)75 411 xxxx format and people with a CERN mobile telephony subscription will need to change their SIM card.


SIM card replacement

New SIM cards will be available for collection between 1 June and 30 June from distribution points located around CERN. Please check the list of distribution points to find where you will need to collect your SIM card based on your department and group. After 1st July, you will be able to collect your SIM card from the Telecom lab.

Please open a SNOW request via this link if:

  • you will not be at CERN in June,
  • you are using a SIM card in a modem or other special device for machine-to-machine communications.


New mobile phone numbers

CERN mobile numbers will change from the +41 (0)76 487 xxxx format to the +41 (0)75 411 xxxx format from 9 a.m. CET on 24 June.

As the last 4 digits remain the same, mobile phone numbers will be reachable from a fixed phone or from a mobile phone connected to the Swisscom network via 16xxxx, as is the case today.

We invite you to:

  • inform your contacts of your new mobile phone number,
  • review procedures, applications, tools and documentation, updating any national (076 487 xxxx) or international (+4176487xxxx) numbering as required,
  • note that the “To:” address for the email2sms gateway will change from to; please also review applications that use this gateway.
  • note that the formats of the numbers accepted by the mail2sms gateway will change as well. Messages will only be delivered to a number that uses the full international format (i.e. More information is available on the mail2sms gateway help pages.


Key Dates

→ 1 June: SIM card distribution begins

SIM cards can be collected from 1 to 30 June from the various distribution points; information on where to go, based on your department and group, can be found here.

→ 15 June: Swisscom SIM cards activated

All SIM cards/Swisscom numbers will be activated, so you can test mobile applications, scripts and procedures to make sure that they work.

N.B.: This is a testing phase only; advanced services (e.g. the e-mail to SMS gateway) and short number dialing (16xxxx) will continue to be provided by Sunrise, so please use your Sunrise SIM card and number if you are not testing applications or procedures.

 24 June at 9 a.m.: Migration of mobile services

At 9 a.m. on 24 June you must:

  • change your SIM card and use the Swisscom numbers (075 411 xxxx) or 16xxxx to make calls;
  • update applications and procedures that use national (076 487 xxxx) or international (+41 76 487 xxxx) numbering;
  • update applications and procedures using the e-mail to SMS gateway.

All CERN databases will be updated to point to the new Swisscom number, 075 411 xxxx and short number dialing (16xxxx) will be updated to point to 075 411 xxxx as of 9 a.m.

Phonebook, active directory and Lync will be updated to take account of the new numbering. However, your Exchange contacts are considered as private information, so they will not be updated automatically. We are investigating means of simplifying this for users; please visit the gsm migration website for the latest updates.

→ 1 July at midnight: Sunrise network shuts down

The Sunrise network will stop working and Sunrise SIM cards will be deactivated. From 24 June at midday until 31 August at midnight, calls to 076 487 xxxx numbers will be redirected to a voice message announcing the change of mobile phone numbers at CERN.

Business cards

It is now possible to order business cards with the new prefix. Please use the CERN business card forms available here.

Contract conditions

  • The subscription system, including the monthly subscription charge, will remain unchanged; your current subscription will be automatically transferred to your new number. Similarly, you can manage your subscription via EDH, as is the case today.
  • Communication costs will be reduced, especially when roaming. The new tarifs will be published once the contract becomes effective.
  • Mobile services in underground facilities will be improved with the introduction of 3G and 4G coverage (high-speed mobile data).



  • Inform your external contacts that your mobile number has changed.
  • Update contact numbers etc. on your phone.
  • Review your procedures and documentation if you are using the 076487xxxx/+4176487xxxx national or international numbering; update this as necessary or switch to using 16xxxx.
  • Review your scripts, tools, applications, etc. that use the e-mail to SMS service.

For more information, please visit the gsm migration website.