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Action of June 18: well done!

On Thursday morning more than 500 of you answered the call of the Staff Council and the CERN-ESO Pensioners’ Association (GAC-EPA) by participating in the gathering in the hall of the Main Building... >>


One year ago, the Staff Association, together with the CERN-ESO Pensioners' Association, organized a staff meeting in front of this building to express our concern about certain actions of this Committee. >>

Offers for our members

Summer is here, enjoy our offers for the aquatic parcs! >>

Cine club

Wednesday 24 June 2015 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber Habemus Papam Directed by Nanni Moretti Italy / France, 2011, 102 minutes   At the Vatican, following the demise of the Pope, the conclave electing his successor settles on Cardinal Melville. >>


... >>

News Articles

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Report from Council  
LHC Report: Start of intensity ramp-up before a short breather  
Innovation for a better life: IdeaSquare to host a panel discussion for the 2016 Millennium Technology Prize  
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Working towards coordination of detector development in Europe  
Ribbon-cutting ceremony for Building 774  
CAS Accelerators for Medical Applications in Vösendorf, Austria  
Gold Rush in Mol at the 15th ASCERI Atomiade  
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Michele Ferro-Luzzi (1938-2015)  

Official News

Family benefits - Obligation to provide information  
Staff Rules and Regulations - Modification n°9 to the 11th edition  
Driving a CERN vehicle in the European Union: new customs regulation  
Official News relating to CERN Safety Rules  
Next Indefinite Contract review exercise  

Training and Development

Safety Training: places available in May and June 2015  
“Communication: Science or Art?” – What’s new?  


Change of mobile telephony operator and mobile telephone numbers - 24 June 2015  
Traffic modifications on Routes Rutherford, Democrite and Fermi  
CERN Accelerator School: Intensity Limitations in Particle Beams | 2-11 November  


LHeC Workshop | 24-26 June 2015 | CERN and Chavannes-de-Bogis  
Seminar | Development of a PET Cyclotron Based Irradiation Setup for Proton Radiobiology | 25 June  
Symposium | Search for Hidden Particles | 2 July  
Get your hearing checked at the CERN Infirmary | 6-10 July