“Communication: Science or Art?” – What’s new?

The story so far… In January this year the Learning and Development Group launched a series of workshops under the umbrella “Communication”. The first of these workshops entitled “Communication: Science or Art?”, covers the fundamentals of communication and starts by raising awareness of different communication styles and the impact these styles can have on you and those around you!


Four workshops (in both English and French) have already taken place and more are scheduled this autumn. The workshops are highly participative and engaging with an emphasis on providing practical tools and tips for everyday life here at CERN.

Hear is what participants are saying:

“Trainer very experienced, great atmosphere, very well structured training”; “Very useful to remind me that not all people communicate in the same way, and to keep high my awareness level”; “Excellent Course!”

Want to find out more? If you are a newly appointed staff member on a Limited Duration contract or have been in the Organization for a long time and need a refresher, please talk to your supervisor for more information or consult the CERN Training Catalogue.