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Season's Greetings

The Staff Association wishes you and your family a merry Christmas and nice end-of-year holidays. See you in 2016! >>

Election of the new Executive Committee: Combining continuity and renewal

In agreement with the Staff Association’s Statutes the new Staff Council elected on Tuesday, 8 December, a new President and his Executive Committee for a two-year mandate 2016–2017. Alessandro Raimondo, the only candidate for president, presented a list of delegates for an Executive Committee, which combines continuity and renewal. These are important assets to start working in early 2016 on the implementation of the decisions of the 2015 Five-Yearly Review, especially in the field of the career structure. >>

Collection for Refugiees

In response to the refugee and migration crisis, we organised a collection in October and November which called on your generosity. >>

Cine Club

Wednesday 16 December 2015 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber Love Streams Directed by John Cassavetes USA, 1984, 141 minutes The film describes a few days in the life of the writer Robert Harmon and his sister Sarah. >>


... >>

News Articles

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Official News

Service availability during CERN annual closure 2015/2016  
Pension payment dates in 2016  
CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS): Monthly Contributions for 2016  
New CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) forms  
Operational Circular No. 2 (Rev. 3) - Conditions of access to the fenced parts of the CERN site  
End-of-year closure 2015/2016  
Official holidays in 2016 and end-of-year closure 2016/2017  
Extension of the pre-retirement programmes  
Official News relating to CERN Safety Rules  

Training and Development

Places available - Technical management courses (up to the end of June 2016)  
Places available – Leadership programme (up to the end of 2015)  
Safety Training: places available in November and December 2015  
Places available - Personal development and communication courses (up to the end of 2015)  


CERN Bulletin publication schedule for 2016  
Find out more about CERN's 5-yearly review  
End of incoming ICMP (“pings”)  
Wanted: Moderators for International Masterclasses in Particle Physics  
Joint universities accelerator school (JUAS) - Places available  
European school of instrumentation for particle and astroparticle physics (ESIPAP) - Places available  
Annual closure of the CERN restaurants  
CERN Shop Christmas Sale  
CERN’s 2016 Beamline for Schools competition starts on 17 November  
Please exercise extreme caution at the Saint-Genis roundabout  


Academic Training Lectures | Stuxnet and Cyber-Warfare | 13-14 January 2016  
Conference: L’héritage d’Einstein - 100 ans de relativité générale | 15 December | Uni Dufour  
CERN Library | Book presentation: "60 years of CERN experiments and discoveries" | 15 December  



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