Take part in a Django Girls training!

Women are often under-represented in IT. And yet, at any age and whatever their level and background, it is a field that can arouse much interest. 


To overcome this under-representation, the R0SEH1PSters community organises Django workshops targeted at women to introduce them to the world of coding and technology by teaching them how to successfully create a blog application and deploy it to the internet. And who knows, a spark of interest in the newly-discovered IT world may develop into a shine! The aim of Django Girls is also to increase the diversity within the industry.

The mentors are mainly female volunteers who bring their passion to the workshop and are part of the awesome atmosphere attendees can feel during each event. Workshops have been organised worldwide regularly since 2014.

Hosted by IdeaSquare and supported by the CERN IT department and the Diversity team, the Geneva workshop will take place in the evening on Friday evening, 26 February, and all day on Saturday 27 February 2016.

People interested in participating must apply online at: https://djangogirls.org/geneva/, where further information will also be available. Mentors have already been selected.

Deadline for applications: Thursday 11 February.
Limited number of seats!

The event is entirely free and is not limited by age or background. 

About R0SEH1PSters

R0SEH1PSters is a community aiming to enhance digital and IT culture for 21st century women of the 21st century. R0SEH1PSters provides a platform to express mixed ideas from women of all generations by organising monthly presentations and discussions on life-shaping digital and IT topics they find worthy to discuss about.