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LabVIEW workshops 2016: a free and fun way to learn a new programming language

We are organising about 5 workshops (1 day per week - 2 hours after work) at CERN in the following months, particularly aimed at CERN people (especially technical students).  >>

Safety Training: places available in February 2016

There are places available in the forthcoming Safety courses. For updates and registrations, please refer to the Safety Training Catalogue. >>

AXEL-2016: Introduction to Particle Accelerators

AXEL-2016 is the latest in a yearly lecture series on particle accelerators given at CERN within the framework of the 2016 Technical Training Programme. As part of the BE department's Operation group’s shutdown lecture series, this general accelerator physics module has been offered since 2003 as a joint venture between the BE department and the Technical Training team and is open to the wider CERN community.  >>

News Articles

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Official News

Staff Rules and Regulations - Modification N°10 to the 11th edition  


Registration of vehicles at the Gex sous-préfecture: now by appointment only  
Fourth Thematic CERN School of Computing  
Take part in a Django Girls training!  
2016 CERN-JINR European School of High-Energy Physics  
Where students turn into teachers: the 9th Inverted CERN School of Computing  
Wanted: Moderators for International Masterclasses in Particle Physics  


Academic Training Lectures | FCC | 2-5 February  
Meet the winner artists of Accelerate@CERN Taiwan | 3 February  
CERN Computing Colloquium | Computer Security in 2016: Where are we and what to expect | 8 February  
Lecture | Accelerating innovation... in medicine: sound for health | 16 February  

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