CERN Computing Colloquium | Computer Security in 2016: Where are we and what to expect | 8 February

Computer Security in 2016: Where are we and what to expect 
by Sebastian Lopienski, CERN-IT
Monday 8 February from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m

at CERN, Council Chamber (503-1-001) 

Description: Attacks against computer systems, belonging both to individuals and organisations, are an everyday reality. How many times have we heard about supposedly well protected companies and online services at the mercy of cyber criminals, or governments accusing other nation states of cyber espionage. Only the most serious breaches and biggest data leaks continue to make the headlines. But really, how secure is our data, computers and networks? What is happening behind the scenes? Is it actually possible to avoid the vulnerabilities, or detect the resulting exploits?

This talk will address these questions and provide a high-level overview of security trends in the last year or two. It will include information on emerging types of vulnerabilities and recent attack vectors, as well as providing an insight into the cyber-security world and the underground economy of 2015. The talk with finish with a discussion on how the HEP community and in particular CERN are affected by the general situation: what could be the motivation behind attacks against fundamental research scientific institutes?