Meet the winner artists of Accelerate@CERN Taiwan | 3 February

The winners of Accelerate@CERN Taiwan are WenChi Su (left) and Pei-Ying Lin (right).

Accelerate@CERN is the country-specific, one-month research award for artists who have never been in a science laboratory before.

Accelerate@CERN Taiwan, is funded by the Ministry of Culture for Taiwan. From within thirty outstanding applicants, the winners of Accelerate@CERN Taiwan are WenChi Su - dancer and choreographer - and Pei-Ying Lin - digital artist.

This is the first opportunity for two talented artists to work and research together on the joint creation of a new dance project which engages with the digital realm and is inspired by the world of particle physics. In the past month they have been exploring CERN together, and now they are working on their project.

Meet the artists on Wednesday 3 February
at 4:30 p.m. in Restaurant 1.

For more information on Accelerate@CERN, see here.
Follow the artists blog to know what they have been doing for the past month at CERN.