CERN and the environment

New webpages answer common questions about CERN and the environment.


One of the new public webpages dedicated to CERN and the environment.

Do your neighbours ever ask you about CERN’s environmental impact? And about radiation in particular? If so, the answers to those questions can now be found online on a new set of public webpages dedicated to CERN and the environment. These pages, put together by the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HSE) unit and the groups responsible for CERN's site maintenance, contain a wealth of information on topics linked to the environment, such as biodiversity at CERN, waste management, ionising radiation, and water and electricity consumption.

“CERN forms part of the local landscape, with its numerous sites and scientific activities. It’s understandable that people living nearby have questions about the impact of these activities and it’s important that we respond with complete transparency,” explains Simon Baird, head of the HSE unit.

The new environment pages can be found on the “CERN and its neighbours” website in English and French.

by Corinne Pralavorio