MAD-X Training Course – 2016

MAD-X 2016 is a annual course series at CERN, within the framework of the 2016 Technical Training Programme on the MAD-X tool used around the world for designing, studying and simulating beam physics for particle accelerators. The lecturer is Laurent Deniau from BE-APB, who has led the MAD team since 2011. 


Two courses are available:

  1. Methodical Accelerator Design MAD-X: Beginners
    Session: 1-2 March (half day: mornings)
  2. Methodical Accelerator Design MAD-X: Intermediate
    Session: 10-11 March (half day: mornings)

Target audience: Designed for those needing to become familiar with and acquire some practical experience of particle accelerator design with MAD-X.

Pre-requirements: The course requires some prior knowledge of accelerators and beam physics (e.g. optics) as the theory is not detailed.

The series will be composed of 4 half-day lectures, given in English with questions and answers also possible in French. Participation in all lectures is encouraged to allow people to gain maximum benefit from the course.

If you are interested in MAD-X 2016, please discuss with your supervisor. Registration is required, participants must sign up via the links to the training catalogue given above, and limited number of places are available! Attendance will be recorded in personal training records. 

Laurent Deniau/BE-ABP
Technical Training/HR-LD