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Technical training: RF superconductivity and accelerator cavity applications

We are happy to announce a new training course organised by the TE-VSC group in the field of the physics and applications of superconductors. The course provides an overview and update of the theory of radiofrequency and superconductors: >>

MAD-X Training Course – 2016

MAD-X 2016 is a annual course series at CERN, within the framework of the 2016 Technical Training Programme on the MAD-X tool used around the world for designing, studying and simulating beam physics for particle accelerators. The lecturer is Laurent Deniau from BE-APB, who has led the MAD team since 2011.  >>

Safety Training: places available in February 2016

There are places available in the forthcoming Safety courses. For updates and registrations, please refer to the Safety Training Catalogue. >>

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